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Character info

Character Name: Leslie Anne Carter
PB: Keira Knightley
Occupation: Fashion journalist
Age: 27
- Knows Kurt Hummel through her deep involvement in the fashion world. They've partied together many times, and she's a big client of his.
- Dani Lorenziis her attorney.
- Nick Mathesonis the widower/killer of her estranged brother, Neil
- She met Rachel Berrywhile writing a piece on the fashion of young Broadway.
- She's a huge Blaine Andersonfangirl
- Best friends/lesbros with Jackson Fraser


Leslie Carter was born into money in the small New England town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. The youngest of three, Leslie grew up fighting like hell to get ahead and be successful in the small town where everyone, it seemed, was convinced of their own talent and self-worth. Her parents enrolled her in Wooster School in nearby Danbury, a private school known for its challenging curriculum and dedication to both academics and the arts. She excelled in writing, and though she struggled in math and science, she worked hard to keep straight A's all the way through.

While she was working and fighting for almost every A she got, older brother Neil was charming his way through school and life with a winning smile and a way with words that kept him out of trouble with both teachers and family. Through most of their childhood, Leslie, too, adored Neil and thought he could do no wrong.

Her junior year of high school, Leslie came out proudly to friends and family as a lesbian, and soon began a relationship with foreign exchange student, Alexandrie (Alix) Gaston. The pair dated until Alix returned to her native Avignon, but even after breaking up, remained good friends, and occasional fuck buddies when they find themselves in close enough proximity for it.

During her senior year of high school and his sophomore year of college, Neil, too, came out, revealing to those closest to him that he was gay. Leslie stood behind and supported her big brother, until it all began to unravel. The night of her graduation, Leslie caught Neil physically assaulting his then-boyfriend, and the sweet and charming big brother she'd always believed him to be proved to be a facade that quickly crumbled to reveal something far more sinister underneath.

When she confronted Neil in private at the end of that summer about what she'd seen, he hit her, leaving her in absolute shock as he then threatened to kill her if she told anyone. She left home that night, leaving a few nights early for school at Manhattanville College just outside New York City, and never looked back.

She excelled in her journalism program, and discovered a love for fashion that kept her in New York City after graduation, where she became a full fledged staff member at Vogue. Rising through the ranks proved no problem with her talent, and she has managed to make writing in a lucrative career.

She has become a New York City girl through and through, and remains there in her high rise flat near the fashion center of the city. She remains very purposefully single, preferring her career and her after-work carefree lifestyle to the tied-down life of the hooked up.

Not too long ago, Leslie received the news that her brother, Neil, was dead, and struggled to pretend to her distraught mother to be sorry the bastard was gone after nearly 10 years of avoiding her family at all costs because of him. It was only within the last weeks that Leslie discovered that her own attorney, Dani, is going to be defending Neil's husband and accused murderer, Nick. Now, she faces the choice of whether or not to reveal to Dani her own connections to the situation.


Leslie Anne Carter

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